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Services and Rates

An investment in massage is an investment in your health; impacting your present and your future. 

I offer the following services:

Treatment of Acute or Chronic Injuries

Whether you have a recent injury, or a nagging pain from a mishap long ago, I can help restore the tissues to a healthy pain free state.

Postural correction

I assess the body for alignment and muscle imbalance, and can work with you to correct these troubling issues; releasing excessively tight muscles and toning the weak ones.

Relaxation Massage

Too much stress in your life can weaken your immune system, trigger insomnia, lead to depression, cause nervous  irritability, and much more.  A quality Relaxation Massage can release areas of pent up tension and restore the body's natural energy flow.

Deep Tissue Massage

The muscles of the human body often overlap, and in some areas there are 4 or more layers of muscles between the skin and the underlying bone(s).  This is where a Deep Tissue Massage is directed; getting through the more superficial muscles to release toxins and adhesions at the deeper levels.

Sports Massage

My personal favorite, this massage includes the benefits of  Deep Tissue Massage with full body stretching.  You can expect to leave feeling taller, more relaxed, and energized.

Hot Stone Massage

I incorporate the use of heat in my massages to facilitate increased blood and lymph flow.  The stones are used at no additional charge, and can be omitted if the client should prefer it.  Most clients love the hot stones, and find it much easier to release tension when the stones are used.


Regardless of which treatment you choose, the pricing remains the same.  However, for a total body Sports Massage or Postural Correction longer appointment times are often necessary.  Please keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment.


30 Min Massage - $65

60 Min. Massage - $100

90 Min. Massage - $150

120 Min. Massage - $200


All of the above rates are plus the required 7.75% sales tax. Those providing a physicians Rx are not required to pay the sales tax.



Payments can be made via Cash, Check, Credit/Debit card, Venmo, or  PayPal.

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